Suspect a Mold Problem? Consider Hiring a Company for Testing

Do you suspect that you have a mold problem in your home or place of business? Then you may be feeling quite panicked as you probably know that mold can be serious as it can pose a serious health risk to anyone inside the building and it can also do damage to the building’s structure. While you may be tempted to locate the mold and clean it up yourself, you should know that mold experts recommend professional mold identification and remediation.

Mold is a form of fungi that is found both indoors and outdoors all year round. Outside, mold lives on plants and on decaying and dead matter. Inside, mold thrives in dark, damp areas and is usually first detected by a musty odor. The reason why there may be mold growing inside your home or business could be because you’ve had some recent water damage, high humidity or dampness as all mold needs moisture to grow. Maybe you have a roof or plumbing leak, a damp basement or crawlspace or a room inside your home like a laundry area that is not very well ventilated.

When you hire a mold remediation company to come and inspect your home for mold, a certified mold expert will arrive to inspect your property to find the source of the mold. Depending on how bad the mold problem is, you may be told that the mold found has to be tested in a lab to determine what course of action to take as there are several types of mold with each requiring different remediation techniques.

Generally speaking most mold testing involves taking samples of either the air or surfaces. Air samples are often taken by using spore traps which work by capturing the mold spores on a sticky surface. The trap is then sent to a mold testing laboratory wherein some stains are applied to the inside of the trap so that the mold can be identified.

Surface testing can be done by taking swab samples, tape samples or bulk samples. A swab sample is akin to a Q-tip that’s rubbed across the area being sampled. A tape sample involves using a piece of clear adhesive tape to pick up and remove mold that is present on the surface. A bulk sample involves physically removing a piece of the sample area and sending it to a lab for testing. Once the samples arrive at the lab, they are analyzed under a microscope for proper identification.

Once the mold has been identified in the laboratory, a remediation plan is developed and put into place to safely and thoroughly rid the premises of mold. The damp areas will then be replaced and/or dried completely to ensure that the mold problem doesn’t reoccur.

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Extreme Cold Weather Slams The Midwest and Cause For Health Concerns Grow

According to a three-month seasonal weather forecast released by Weather Services International- WSI, it is expected that colder than normal temperatures will hit many parts of the northern half of United States. Dr. Todd Crawford, a WSI Chief Meteorologists said, “The first half of winter has been quite mild across the eastern half of the U.S., while the western U.S. has suffered through a cold winter so far.” Todd further said that the patterns have recently changed allowing much colder temperature to spate eastern US during the back half of winter.

In Middletown, Ohio, the situation was chaotic as blowing snow and slick roads created conditions ripe for accidents. In various parts of the State, stormy winter weather characterized by temperature that ranged minus 50 degrees in some areas caused a trail of pileups of vehicle.

On Monday Jan 21st, a series of pileups of vehicles occurred in different parts including one where close to 82 vehicle piled and knocked each other with at least a 12-year-old girl dead. The crash on Interstate 275 near Colerain Township of Cincinnati was perhaps one of the worst tragedies that have been left behind by the ranging winter stormy in parts of US.

Hamilton County sheriff’s office said that snow has been building and the roads where slick with reports of ice and poor visibility being the contributing factor to the accidents. Lt. Tory Smith of the sheriff’s office was noted saying “It was just chaos, absolute chaos.”

As Midwest shivered under extreme cold, New England was bracing itself for a similarly weather pattern with records of lows of minus 50 degrees. Alberta Clipper system that drew arctic air from Canada southwards had brought with it a gust of winds ranging with snow to a line of states including Dakotas and Maine.
Some of the most affected where motorists who had to put up with treacherous driving conditions. According to National Weather Service, the temperatures plummeted to negative points with double digits in western Great Lake region. Parts of Maine, Minnesota and North Dakota were anticipating a drop in temperatures of up to 50 degrees below zero.

In Detroit, an estimated 120,000 customers went without power for several hours as electricity lines were knocked down by the ferocious stormy winds. A chain-reaction of pileups was experienced in multiple parts. Besides the one near the Cincinnati suburb of Colerain Township that caused pileups of over 82 vehicles on Interstate 275, there were also other pileups in Ohio.

As many as 50 vehicles piled up on Interstate 75 roadway located between Middletown and Monroe in the Ohio’s Southwest part. Reports from a dispatcher with the State Highway Patrol noted that there were some minor injuries in the accident, which occurred moments before noon. Sgt. James Russell of State Highway Patrol told Middleton Journal there was white-out condition that was triggered by stormy Jove weather causing a pile up of vehicles.

The property repair experts from NRN services contributed to portions of this story and are requesting property owners to take precautions to prevent frozen or broken pipe disasters, keep emergency supplies (blankets, candles, water) in vehicles and avoid unnecessary trips whenever possible to avoid the dangers created by the severe cold weather.

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What you should really know about Water Damage to Your Home

There are many homeowners out there that are clueless as to what types of water damage is covered under their insurance plan. Many businesses and homeowners can become quite confused upon hearing that mold claims usually get denied as well as the several unanswered questions about the effects of water damage to their home.

What type of water damage will your insurance policy cover?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover damages from a flood; if that is a concern in your area you’ll want to look into buying flood insurance. Your policy will probably pay for rain damage that comes through a hole or a window, if storm winds created the hole. However, if you have a busted or leaky pipes in your house that created water damage over a period of time, that would not be covered.

It really just comes down to if the water damage was caused by a covered event like a strong storm or if the damage happened because you failed to keep your house in a good state of repair. If you’re not a 100% sure of exactly what is covered, read and reread through your policy or even call your insurance company and ask them.

Disaster Cleanup

A very important reason that you should immediately repair your home from water damage is because by letting it linger it may cause further harm and even health risks. When there is water leaking in your house, this leads to moisture build up and eventually mold growth. Mold can eat through the structure of a building and cause terrible health problems for you and your family. Exposure to mold and especially black mold can lead to a wide variety of health problems like nosebleeds, coughing, congestion and even asthma.

Water Damage that has been caused by a Storm

When there has been a storm and water has gotten into your home, you’ll want to immediately dry up all of the wet areas and set up some type of air circulation to let it dry out. Water can enter your home from several points like a roof or gutter damage as well as a leaky basement. A great way to prevent further damage is to use a tarp. When you dry, cover and dehumidify all of the wet areas in your home you will minimize the chance of mold forming from water damage. You will of course want to contact your insurance company as soon as possible so you can begin the claims process.

Excessive Moisture Damage

If you happen to discover moisture or water damage that is coming from a leak that has been leaking for a period of time, you probably have mold and the chances of your claim being covered are slim to none. If this happens, trying to clean up the mold will only cause the spores to spread and increase health risks and potential damage to your home. Mold and especially black mold is treacherous to your health and it is vital that you have a professional mold removal company come out and remove the mold.

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