Extreme Cold Weather Slams The Midwest and Cause For Health Concerns Grow

According to a three-month seasonal weather forecast released by Weather Services International- WSI, it is expected that colder than normal temperatures will hit many parts of the northern half of United States. Dr. Todd Crawford, a WSI Chief Meteorologists said, “The first half of winter has been quite mild across the eastern half of the U.S., while the western U.S. has suffered through a cold winter so far.” Todd further said that the patterns have recently changed allowing much colder temperature to spate eastern US during the back half of winter.

In Middletown, Ohio, the situation was chaotic as blowing snow and slick roads created conditions ripe for accidents. In various parts of the State, stormy winter weather characterized by temperature that ranged minus 50 degrees in some areas caused a trail of pileups of vehicle.

On Monday Jan 21st, a series of pileups of vehicles occurred in different parts including one where close to 82 vehicle piled and knocked each other with at least a 12-year-old girl dead. The crash on Interstate 275 near Colerain Township of Cincinnati was perhaps one of the worst tragedies that have been left behind by the ranging winter stormy in parts of US.

Hamilton County sheriff’s office said that snow has been building and the roads where slick with reports of ice and poor visibility being the contributing factor to the accidents. Lt. Tory Smith of the sheriff’s office was noted saying “It was just chaos, absolute chaos.”

As Midwest shivered under extreme cold, New England was bracing itself for a similarly weather pattern with records of lows of minus 50 degrees. Alberta Clipper system that drew arctic air from Canada southwards had brought with it a gust of winds ranging with snow to a line of states including Dakotas and Maine.
Some of the most affected where motorists who had to put up with treacherous driving conditions. According to National Weather Service, the temperatures plummeted to negative points with double digits in western Great Lake region. Parts of Maine, Minnesota and North Dakota were anticipating a drop in temperatures of up to 50 degrees below zero.

In Detroit, an estimated 120,000 customers went without power for several hours as electricity lines were knocked down by the ferocious stormy winds. A chain-reaction of pileups was experienced in multiple parts. Besides the one near the Cincinnati suburb of Colerain Township that caused pileups of over 82 vehicles on Interstate 275, there were also other pileups in Ohio.

As many as 50 vehicles piled up on Interstate 75 roadway located between Middletown and Monroe in the Ohio’s Southwest part. Reports from a dispatcher with the State Highway Patrol noted that there were some minor injuries in the accident, which occurred moments before noon. Sgt. James Russell of State Highway Patrol told Middleton Journal there was white-out condition that was triggered by stormy Jove weather causing a pile up of vehicles.

The property repair experts from NRN services contributed to portions of this story and are requesting property owners to take precautions to prevent frozen or broken pipe disasters, keep emergency supplies (blankets, candles, water) in vehicles and avoid unnecessary trips whenever possible to avoid the dangers created by the severe cold weather.

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