What you should really know about Water Damage to Your Home

There are many homeowners out there that are clueless as to what types of water damage is covered under their insurance plan. Many businesses and homeowners can become quite confused upon hearing that mold claims usually get denied as well as the several unanswered questions about the effects of water damage to their home.

What type of water damage will your insurance policy cover?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover damages from a flood; if that is a concern in your area you’ll want to look into buying flood insurance. Your policy will probably pay for rain damage that comes through a hole or a window, if storm winds created the hole. However, if you have a busted or leaky pipes in your house that created water damage over a period of time, that would not be covered.

It really just comes down to if the water damage was caused by a covered event like a strong storm or if the damage happened because you failed to keep your house in a good state of repair. If you’re not a 100% sure of exactly what is covered, read and reread through your policy or even call your insurance company and ask them.

Disaster Cleanup

A very important reason that you should immediately repair your home from water damage is because by letting it linger it may cause further harm and even health risks. When there is water leaking in your house, this leads to moisture build up and eventually mold growth. Mold can eat through the structure of a building and cause terrible health problems for you and your family. Exposure to mold and especially black mold can lead to a wide variety of health problems like nosebleeds, coughing, congestion and even asthma.

Water Damage that has been caused by a Storm

When there has been a storm and water has gotten into your home, you’ll want to immediately dry up all of the wet areas and set up some type of air circulation to let it dry out. Water can enter your home from several points like a roof or gutter damage as well as a leaky basement. A great way to prevent further damage is to use a tarp. When you dry, cover and dehumidify all of the wet areas in your home you will minimize the chance of mold forming from water damage. You will of course want to contact your insurance company as soon as possible so you can begin the claims process.

Excessive Moisture Damage

If you happen to discover moisture or water damage that is coming from a leak that has been leaking for a period of time, you probably have mold and the chances of your claim being covered are slim to none. If this happens, trying to clean up the mold will only cause the spores to spread and increase health risks and potential damage to your home. Mold and especially black mold is treacherous to your health and it is vital that you have a professional mold removal company come out and remove the mold.

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